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We’re celebrating our upcoming Snuggle Seat™ launch by giving away a Limited Number of Snuggle Blankie™ comforters for FREE
Snuggle Seat
Luxury Baby & Toddler Bean Bags
Now Launched - Snuggle Blankie Giveaway Ends:
Snuggle Seat is the innovative new baby bean bag, fit for modern families and designed for modern homes. With two interchangeable top covers and a stylish block colour design, Snuggle Seat not only lasts from birth to 8 years, but it’s a seat your child will still be happy to use all those years later!

By 8 years old most children wouldn’t want a seat emblazoned with teddy bears or cartoon animals - not to mention that parents wouldn’t want it in their home. That’s why Snuggle Seat takes a different approach to any other baby and children’s bean bag on the market today!

We can’t wait for you to try out our new Snuggle Seat range. So to celebrate, we’re giving away a Limited Number of our Snuggle Blankie baby comforters - all you have to pay is shipping. Get your Snuggle Blankie below and pick from Snuggle Susan the Panda or Snuggle Stanley the Elephant
Meet the Snuggle Blankies
Just like the Brand NEW Snuggle Seat range, our Snuggle Blankies are made of superior quality Snuggle Soft™ materials. These cuddly comforters are the perfect pal for babies everywhere. We’ve only got 80 of these super cosy blankies to give away - so you’ll have to act fast before they go up to their Normal Price - £7.50!

Both of our Snuggle Blankies carry the Snuggle Seat brand value of simplicity. Nobody wants garish baby products littering their home - especially when you’ve spent so much time getting things looking right. Both Snuggle Susan and Snuggle Stanley use neutral colours that won’t look out of place, when you haven’t had time to tidy up after playtime downstairs (because let’s face it...there’s NEVER time!) The same can be said for our Snuggle Seat range. Each and every design has been created to blend in with different home interiors. There are no obtrusive brightly coloured prints, or neon colours left right and centre, just beautiful considered pieces of furniture that are perfect for your baby and fit for your home.
Meet Snuggle Stanley
Snuggle Stanley Cosy Baby Comforting Blanket
Stanley is the sleepiest elephant you’ll ever meet...whilst most elephants sleep just 2 hours in the wild - Stanley can sleep all day long, cuddling up with your little one...but when it’s time to play the gentle rattle in his head makes for easy unobtrusive entertainment for baby!
Meet Snuggle Susan
Snuggle Susan Panda Bean Bag Blanket
Susan is a real daydreamer, she’s always half asleep and ready to settle down for cuddles. With a Snuggle Soft belly, she’s the perfect pal to cuddle up to whilst snoozing away in a Snuggle Seat. What’s more Susan’s long limbs and rattly head make her a superb sensory toy!
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Snuggle Stanley with newborn baby girl and her faux fur baby bean bag harness cover
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